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About Us

Grand Run DC - Grand African Run (organized by Nova Connections, a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization) is inspired by the interest and value that is placed upon the success of running sports in Africa. Over the past 60 years, Africa has produced multiple distance runners who have gone on to win major international honors on the global stage. Young and old alike rejoice in the successes of their athletic heroes, and many have embraced and been inspired by these successes. The meaning of running champions from across the great continent cannot be under estimated both in Africa and across the diaspora. Capitalizing on this historically valued and culturally cherished asset, the Grand African Run is poised to serve as a vehicle for celebrating culture, promoting peace, and fostering unity. The Run also serves as a platform to develop and nurture community, and enhance linkages within the African diaspora. 


2019: 1st Grand African Run 

PLACE: The Yards Park, Washington DC  I  TIME: Jul 21, 2019  I GUEST OF HONORS: Ambassador of African Union, Ethiopian Ambassador, Derartu Tulu, Million Wolde, Brehanie Adere + over 20 Olympians and World Champion athletes

2020: 2nd Grand African Run

PLACE: Virtual Run (COVID-19) Streamed live on EthioTube   I  TIME: May 16, 2020   I  GUEST OF HONORS: Derartu Tulu, Kenenisa Bekele, Diaba Family/ the 5 sisters,  Fatuma Roba, Million Wolde

2021: 3rd Grand African Run

PLACE: East Potomac Park, Washington, DC  I  TIME: Oct 16, 2021  I  GUEST OF HONORS: Derartu Tulu, Fatuma Roba, Kutre Dulecha, Million Wolde

2022: 4th Grand African Run

PLACE: 1100 Main Line Blvd, Alexandria, VA  I  TIME: Oct 15, 2022  I  GUEST OF HONORS: Derartu Tulu, Kenenisa Bekele, Fatuma Roba, Million Wolde, Kutre Dulecha, Artist Mulu Alem Tadesse, Artist Derbe Worke Seifu, Artist Solomon Bogale, and the Eregnaye TV Drama Series crew

2023: 5th Grand African Run

PLACE: 1100 Main Line Blvd, Alexandria, VA  I  TIME: Oct 14, 2023  I  GUEST OF HONORS: Tirunesh Dibaba, Genezebe Dibaba, the Diababa Sisters, Sileshi Sihin, Belayneh Dinsamo, Million Wolde, Mr. Mulatu Astateke, and Mr. Girma Biru


Mission | To create platforms that connect communities through the transformative power of the running sport.

Vision | To be a globally recognized organization that uses the running sport as a platform to celebrate culture, and to promote healthy living, peace and unity.


Commitments | Commitment to people and partners, social responsibility, the highest standard of excellence, and an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.

Aligned program | Utilize running events to raise funds for charities committed to African focused causes, while promoting a healthy community.


The organization is initiated, developed, and run by professionals with over a decade of experience in the sport and entertainment management in different countries (USA, Africa, Asia, and Europe). The leadership team also has the research and academic background in higher education in field. 

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