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Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I register for the events?

What is included with my registration?

Your registration includes the 2024 edition Participant Kit which includes a Race bib and T-shirt

Would I be able to transfer or ask a refund after I have registered for the event?

The registration fee is non-refundable. Due to the liability and administrative cost involved, you may not give away or sell your race entry, bib, or chip to anyone else without going through an official transfer. Please note that failing to transfer your registration through official channels interferes with the results of all participants. For a $15 administrative fee, a friend may assume your entry and go through our registration process.


Do I have to wear my bib number?

Yes, you are required to run with your bib number. 

How long do I have to finish the 5K Family Run; can I walk instead of running? 

You may walk and run at your own pace, but please be aware that after 11am (two hours after start time), the Police or race staff on the course may ask you to use the sidewalks and obey the traffic laws so they can reopen the road ways. 

Where can I store extra clothing or personal items during the race?

Plan to only bring those items you are able to run with, as we do not provide a bag check at this event. Please note that we will not be not be responsible for lost or stolen items.


​Can I run with a baby stroller?

Yes, you can run with a baby stroller. However, please start towards the back of the pack at the start line. 



Where are the Start and Finish areas?

Start and Finish are located at the same place, as the races finish where they start. 


How many miles is the 5K Family Run?
The 5K is 3.1 miles.


How many miles is 1K Kids Run?

The 1K is 0.62 miles


Is the course hilly?

The course is flat. 


Do you have aid stations?

Yes, we have aid stations.

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